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We support and service you long before the actual photo session and make sure that all your images – taken by us or not – are kept safe for future use and still are easy to access.


Meanwhile you’ll find our photo briefing here – feel free to use to use it, whether you become a customer or not – or are a dear colleague.


We make sure that you come prepared for any kind of photoshoot and that’s only a fraction of the service.

Always happy to help, service or just inspire!
Brian Engblad
mobile:: +4528970804


International acclaimed thus comes with some hard-earned experience

2016 – Hands
2017 – Venice for the first time…every time – get more info here
2017 – Sea Me
2019 – Calm on the Outside
2020 – Abstract Observations

About me 


The Guardian 9.18 wrote:
Brian aka ilostawavein79 is a renowned icon and a top 10 influencer on the
International scene of extreme watersport photography – risking
everything himself to promote the lifestyle, individual beacons and
overall industry.

Venice Chamber of Commerce 8.18 wrote:
The Exhibition – Venice for the first time…since – has been a huge
success for the gallery and even more so eyeopening for the local
community. Rebranding the iconic and beloved city in such detail and in
such a new vintage light.

The Surfers Mag, Hawaii 6.18 wrote:
The features and content that Brian is putting to live are beyond
imagination and for that reason alone he is our number one northern
hemisphere choice in surf photography.


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